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le. pronoun personal. se is used instead of le when it is used as an i

FREE Translations available in more than 60 languages including Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese, etc masculine noun. 1. (aviation) a. plane. El mundo se ve tan distinto desde un avión. The world looks so different from a plane. b. airplane. El Airbus 800 es el avión de pasajeros más grande.The Airbus 800 is the largest passenger airplane ever made. c. aircraft. Un combustible nuevo para aviones comerciales sería muy útil.A new fuel for ...Search millions of Spanish-English example sentences from our dictionary, TV shows, and the internet. REGIONAL TRANSLATIONS Say It like a Local. Browse Spanish translations from Spain, Mexico, or any other Spanish-speaking country. Word of the Day. oculto. show translation. Subscribe.

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se vende - for sale. See the entry for se vende. vende. Present él/ella/usted conjugation of vender. vende. Subjunctive yo conjugation of vendar.Se fueron de pinta al centro comercial en lugar de presentar el examen. ... is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. Ver en español en inglé FEATURES. Translation Conjugation Vocabulary Learn Spanish Grammar Word of the Day.Conjugate every Spanish verb in every tense for free on, the world's largest Spanish-English dictionary and reference website.masculine noun. 1. (language) a. Spanish. El español se habla en muchos países a través de cuatro continentes.Spanish is spoken in many countries across four continents. masculine or feminine noun. 2. (nationality) a. Spaniard.To translate Spanish to English using Google, go to, and insert or write the Spanish phrases or sentences in the box labeled Translate. Choose from one of several options, such as English, Spanish or Detect Language.1. (colloquial) (man) (Mexico) a. dude. (colloquial) (United States) El vato por fin anotó un gol.The dude finally scored a goal. b. guy.nyah. ) feminine noun. 1. (kid) a. girl. ¡Mi hija es una niña tan bonita!My daughter is such a beautiful girl! 2. (part of the eye) a. pupil. Tenía que llevar gafas de sol con las niñas dilatadas.He had to wear sunglasses while his pupils were dilated.The CDL or Commercial Driver’s Licence test is not administered in Spanish. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations require that the test only be administered in English.transitive verb. 2. (to hand back) (Latin America) a. to return. Tendrás que regresar el vestido si no te sirve.You'll have to return the dress if it doesn't fit. b. to give back. Regrésale los libros cuando termines con ellos.Give the books back to him when you've finished with them. c. to put back.a. to be the done thing. pronominal verb. 7. (ponerse ropa) a. to get dressed, to dress. vestirse de algo to dress up as something. se vistió de luto/de blanco she dressed in o wore mourning/white. 8. (adquirir ropa) a. vestirse en to buy one's clothes at.a. to have for lunch. Tengo ganas de comer un sándwich de rosbif.I feel like having a roast beef sandwich for lunch. 3. (to eat for dinner) (Latin America) a. to have for dinner. Vamos a comer espagueti con albóndigas.We're going to have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 4. (to make disappear) a. to hide.The CDL or Commercial Driver’s Licence test is not administered in Spanish. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations require that the test only be administered in English.Translate Se. See 6 authoritative translations of Se in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.Y la respuesta es: sí, se puede. And the answer is: Yeah, itNot to be confused with the conjugation sé (I know) from saber or the phrase. 1. (general) a. I know. Sé que me quieres, Pablo, pero yo solo puedo ser tu amiga.I know you love me, Pablo, but I can only be your friend. b. I know that. Sé que lo que voy a contarte puede sonar extraño, pero es completamente cierto.I know that what I'm about to tell you may sound strange, but it's absolutely true. 1. (asistencia) a. help, assistance. acudir en ayuda de alguien to come/go to somebody's assistance. nos fuiste de gran ayuda you were a great help to us. no me sirvió de mucha ayuda it wasn't much help to me. prestar ayuda to help, to assist. ayuda en carretera breakdown service. 2. (económica, alimenticia) a. aid. The Collins Spanish Dictionary. The WordReference English Download for free. Tech giants Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all applying the lessons of machine learning to translation, but a small company called DeepL has outdone them all and raised the bar for the field. Its translation tool is just as quick as the outsized competition, but more accurate and nuanced than any we’ve tried. a. to say. Dicen que va a nevar mañana.They say it's going to s

se pron pers. 1 (complemento indirecto) 1.1 (a él) him , (a ella) her, (a ellos) them, (a usted, ustedes) you. voy a dárselo I'll give it to him o her o them o you. ya se lo dije I (already) told him o her o them o you. he hablado con mis padres y se lo he explicado I've talked to my parents and explained it to them. A reflexive verb is a verb that indicates that the subject performs an action on itself (e.g. Miguel se lava.). reflexive verb. 5. (to observe oneself) a. ... Get conjugations, examples, and pronunciations for millions of words and phrases in Spanish and English. WRITTEN BY EXPERTS Translate with algo que se sabe o se conoce. (Clavería 1951: 145). This is formally ... Bilingualism and language contact: Spanish, English, and Native Ameri- can languages.a. to get things clean. 6. (hacer la colada) a. to do the washing. pronominal verb. 7. (general) a. to wash. espera un momento, que me estoy lavandohold on a minute, I'm washing o I'm getting washed. lavarse las manos/la cara to wash one's hands/face. lavarse los dientes to brush o clean one's teeth.

The Collins Spanish Dictionary. The WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary is a living, growing dictionary. It contains over 95764 terms and 277872 translations in both English and Spanish and continues to grow and improve. In Spanish-English, thousands more terms that are not included in the main dictionary can be found in the WordReference ... noun. 1. (board games) a. los dados. (M) You can roll the dice twice if you get snake eyes.Puedes tirar los dados dos veces si tienes un par de balas. transitive verb. 2. (to chop) a. cortar en cubitos. Make sure to dice the potatoes before adding them to the soup.Translate Sé. See 4 authoritative translations of Sé in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Translation. Google's service, offered free of charge, . Possible cause: auxiliary verb. 1. (used to indicate capability) a. can. Mi novia puede bailar salsa. .

Quickly translate words and phrases between English and over 100 languages ... Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tahitian, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Tigrinya ...Translate SE. See authoritative translations of SE in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.2. (used to express a quality; third person singular) a. he's (masculine) Francisco no vino a clases porque está enfermo.Francisco didn't come to school because he's sick. b. she's (feminine) Conozco a esa mujer. Está casada con un amigo.I know that woman. She's married to a friend of mine. c. it's.

es capaz de vender su alma al diablo por triunfarhe'd sell his soul to the Devil if that's what it took to be successful. intransitive verb. 2. (producto, autor) a. to sell. pronominal verb. 3. (ser vendido) a. to be sold o on sale. …adverb. 1. (in good health) a. well. Últimamente no me he sentido bien.I haven't felt well lately. 2. (properly) a. well. Si la carne molida no se cocina bien, las bacterias no mueren.If the ground meat is not cooked well, the bacteria don't die. 3. (all right) a.

a. el saber no ocupa lugar you can never know too much. transit 1 (pariente) cousin. le vino el primo de América she started her period. ser primos hermanos (referido a cosas) to be extraordinarily alike. primo/a carnal primo/a hermano/a first cousin. 2 (incauto) dupe; sucker (familiar) hacer el primo to be taken for a sucker (familiar); be taken for a ride (familiar) The infinitive form of a reflexive verb has se a9. (to be on the path to becoming; used with &q 1. (it ran it's course; third person singular) a. it's over. Se acabó. No podemos hacer nada para cambiar el pasado.It's over. There's nothing we can do to change the past. b. it ended. Fue una fiesta increíble. En mi opinión, se acabó demasiado temprano. It was an amazing party. masculine noun. 4. (object of one's affection) a. beloved. Llora Many translated example sentences containing "se dice" – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. La última vez que un proyecto de infraestructuraQUICK TRANSLATIONS "SE" in English SE {masculineser ( sehr ) copular verb 1. (used to talk about There are 5 Spanish reflexive pronouns: Me. Te. Se. Nos. O s. Usually, they come before the verb or are attached to the infinitive, imperative, or gerund. I’ll start with a table to display all the reflexive pronouns in one place, so you can see their English equivalent and which personal pronoun they are related to. Spain Spanish · Sweden Swedish &mi En el exterior se aprecia una hermosa balconada, en la que aparecen tallados en piedra los escudos de los anti guos señores de l a villa. On the outside, you will see a beautiful row of balconies, carved on which are the coats of arms of the town's former noblemen. [...] nuestros pro pios señores. masculine noun. 1. (responsibility) a. charge. Mi hermana se fue [DeepL for Chrome. Tech giants Google, MicrosofTranslate SE. See authoritative translat Whether you use tú or usted depends on a variety of different factors, but it can be a bit intimidating for English speakers used to addressing everybody as " ...